Our People

Our success rests on our people and how happy they are.


Fair is the only way we trade

At RCM, we take care of our people. We prioritize fairness and ensure that every person involved in producing our high-quality cotton products has access to industry-topping benefits. We have facilitated fairer terms of trade and market access for the most marginalised stakeholders in our supply chain. We are certified under Fairtrade International and meet the Fairtrade USA standards.

Fair Price & Living Wage

We ensure that our farmers receive a fair price for their produce. We also ensure that our workers are paid higer wages.

Rights Protection

We provide ideal working conditions for our employees and ensure there is no gender discrimination or forced/child labour.

Fairtrade Premium

The unique Fairtrade premium provides additional funds to farmers and workers, which they are free to invest as they see fit.


Our Extended Family

We are committed to taking care of our own. We contribute to the labour welfare fund of the Govt. of West Bengal for scholarships of Our Employees children. Our Employees also benefit from various projects initiated by the Fairtrade committee, like distribution of sewing machines, bicycles, home appliances, electrical power backup etc.

All our employees are eligible for:

  • Free transportation facilities
  • Subsidised food in the canteen
  • Health insurance + free health check-ups

Regenerative Organic Cotton

Agriculture with industrial techniques and toxic chemicals contributes to about 25% of greenhouse emissions every year. Farmers are exploited and rural economies suffer. We at RCM believe that Regenerative Organic Agriculture is the path forward. It focusses on maintaining top soil-health, fair conditions for farmers and farmworkers and ensures the humane treatment of animals.


Stamps of Trust


RCM products are certified under GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Textiles are made from Certified Organic Cotton and dyed using low impact certified dyes. No heavy metals, chlorine, dangerous Azo dyes, or banned chemicals are used.


We are certified under Fairtrade International and Fairtrade USA standards. RCM has facilitated fairer terms of trade and market access for the most marginalised stakeholders in the garment supply chain in India.