Our Planet

At RCM we are committed to responsible manufacturing.


How we impact the environment matters to us.

At RCM, we sought out and installed sustainable solutions at every step of our supply chain, to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. Our products and systems have met with the Global Organic Textile Standard, because they are made from certified organic cotton, which produces 94% less greenhouse gas emissions, and is dyed using low-impact certified dyes. No heavy metals, chlorine, dangerous AZO dyes or banned chemicals are used during processing, from beginning till the end. We follow the highest social and environmental standards across our production facilities.

Water Stewardship

We use water in a way that is socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically beneficial in our entire production prcoess

Waste Management

Efficient effluent management systems ensure zero discharge of hazardous substances into the environemnt. Even solid waste is collected only by PCB approved agencies.

Climate Responsibility

1/3rd of our electricity is generated using solar panels which has resulted in reduced carbon footprint and minimised greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycle & Reuse

Foodwaste is used as cattle feed. Scrap Waste is converted to paper by the local paper mills and then into packaging cartons. These cartons are then used for exporting products to our customers.

Process Testing

We conduct noise tests in high 'noise prone' areas, stack emission tests for DG sets and water tests for steam generators to ensure efficiency and safety for our staff and equipment.


The RCM green factory

The latest feather in our cap is an IGBC certified, state-of-the-art, green factory in Greater Noida, spread over 15,479 square meters, equipped with:

  • Efficient energy system planning
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Environment-friendly construction
  • State-of-the-art sewage treatment plant and drainage systems
  • Effective support infrastructure and utilities

Regenerative Organic Cotton

Agriculture with industrial techniques and toxic chemicals contributes to about 25% of greenhouse emissions every year. Farmers are exploited and rural economies suffer. We at RCM believe that Regenerative organic agriculture is the path forward. It focusses on maintaining top soil-health, fair conditions for farmers & farmworkers and ensures the humane treatment of animals.


Stamps of Trust


RCM products are certified under GOTS (Global Organic Textile standard). Textiles are made from Certified Organic Cotton and dyed using low impact certified dyes. No heavy metals, chlorine, dangerous Azo dyes, or banned chemicals are used.


We are certified under Fairtrade International and Fairtrade USA standards. RCM has facilitated fairer terms of trade and market access for the most marginalised stakeholders in the garment supply chain in India.